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Boiler Repair and Replacement

We can Repair and Replace OIL, GAS and LPG boilers

There are a wide range of boilers that burn a range of fuel types. Below is a list of the types we look after

  • Natural Gas – Burns methane from the gas mains in most towns and cities
  • LPG – Burns liquid petroleum gas, normally propane or butane
  • Oil type C2 – Burns kerosene

Combination (combi) Boilers
The UK’s most popular boiler for central heating systems and hot water, as water is heated only when a hot tap or shower is turned on, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

System Boilers
An ideal solution if you require more hot water than a combi provides. System boilers pump hot water to the radiators and a sealed hot water storage cylinder, which can provide a larger flow rate. These boilers combine high efficiency and performance.

Combi Boiler