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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Do you have any questions ? Vector Heating will provides answers to some commonly-asked questions below. If you don’t see the answer to a question you have, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch with you or call us today.

1. Are your engineers fully qualified?

Yes, all our engineers are Gas Safe and OFTEC registered.

2. If I am replacing an oil-fired appliance, can I keep my existing oil storage tank?

Yes, you can. When you upgrade an appliance you are not legally required to change your oil storage tank so that it meets current legislation, unless the appliance installation makes the oil tank less compliant than it might be already. But if you have a fire or pollution incident and your tank does not comply with current legislation, you may find complications with an insurance claim.
We would advise that you consider upgrading your oil storage tank at the time you replace the appliance.

3. What does the maintenance plan cover?

The maintenance plan covers your central heating system including the boiler, radiator controls, pipes and hot water cylinder.

4. Will my storage tank require any servicing or regular maintenance?

During a service visit, the oil engineer should check your oil storage tanks and oil supply pipes. The service engineer should inspect the tank for water contamination, clean or replace the oil filter and visually check accessible fittings for oil leaks.
If you have a steel tank, you may need to paint it to prevent corrosion.

5. What if the engineer finds a problem with my central heating system during the initial inspection?

The engineer will tell you what is wrong and we will give you a written quotation to fix the problem.

6. What do I do if I smell gas?

  • Open all windows and doors to allow the gas to escape.
  • Check to see if the gas has been left on, or if a pilot light has went out. If this is the case, switch the appliance off, if not there could be a gas escape.
  • Turn the main gas tap to the off position. The supply is off when the ridged line on the spindle is across the pipe.
  • Phone SGN’s emergency line: 01294 468113.
  • It’s recommended that you do not use a mobile phone in the vicinity of a suspected gas leak.

7. Can I disguise my storage tank with a screen?

Yes, screening of domestic oil storage tanks is permitted. You should allow enough space for service access for inspection of the tank and filter maintenance, etc. British Standards require a minimum of 600 mm separation between a tank and screening. If the screening forms part of the property boundary, the separation should be 760 mm unless a fire barrier is erected.

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